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About us

Helam tours is a vibrant and fast growing Tanzania  based safari company  with reputation of designing tailor made safari adventures and holidays with special focus  on unmatched services and professionals advice.We are specialized travel agency and destination management company providing travellers with much needed original,undisrupted,and lifelong safari and experience.

Helam is fully compliant company under Tanzania laws with business registration no 126267,TIN 133-695-516 and Tourism Licence 000805 we have our head office in Arusha Tanzania (Florida roundabout NHC commercial complex Room 108) and Our sales office 1355 Bardstown Rd suite 277,Louisville,KY 40204 in USA.

We offer a variety of Tanzania safaris holidays and budget camping safari,that will suit all your preferences from budget,Mid range, and luxury packages on top of these we have Kilimanjaro trekking through Marangu route,Machame route,Lemosho route Umbwe and Longai,not to forget,other hiking adventures of Mount Meru,Usambara,Oldonyo Lengai, and Sport Viewing adventures in different Tanzania Travel Destinations such as Tarangire park.Lake manyara National park,Ngorongoro Crater,Serengeti plain for the Great Wildebeest Migration,Maasai Mara River Wildebeest migration crossings,Zanzibar Island for luxurious seashore holidays and different Tanzania safaris locations.We also offer extended safari adventures to other parts of East african region of Kenya,Uganda and Rwanda.

Our Vision,Mission and Core values

Our Vision to become Tanzania most trusted destination management company through customer lifetime value and unmatched services delivery.

Our Mission Promote Tanzania as the top list destination and help people around the globe to visit Tanzania and uncover its beautiful sceneries.

Our core values at helam tours we have set of values that guide our information with internal and external customers

  • One on One Customer touch we want each of our customers to have one and personalized point of contact from team of our consultants who will be focal point of contact from team of our consultants who will be focal point of contact from the point of enquiry to the final day of the visit(exit debrief).
  • Trust at helam we value trust and believe trust will lead to approachability and open communication from customer initial enquiry,buying decision and finally making referrals and repeat purchase.
  • Value creation as team of expertise with considerable experience in the tourism industry we know how valuable your holiday time is,rest assured you will get the best travel experience and memorable adventure.
  • Veracity we always deliver the promise we do what we say with enthusiasm,pleasure and careful consideration.Thus why we dedicate our time to understand your holiday needs and guide you through a customized experience.Two years seem short but most exciting and challenging toward attaining our long term goal of making Helam tours home for lifetime safari experience

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Helam tours an authentic safari experience

Our Staff

Leadership Team

We are a dedicated team with extensive knowledge and experience in most critical aspects of Africa tourism. Our directors have proven track records in tourism and travel business over the past 6 years working in partnership with other reputable tourism companies in the region.

We have professional leadership team with much experience and enthusiasm to meet most of the traveler’s demands.

Our guides

We choose our guide based on the following principles

  • Knowledge in wildlife and nature
  • Ability to tell and narrate events and cenarios
  • Ability to make our guests meet and exceed their expectations
  • Guides with specific guests language capability
  • Track record in ethical driving and guiding capability.

Our Partners